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About us

We are sparse creations.
We create apps with award winning designs and publish only the best of the best.
Among all the mobile applications our noble creations are spread sparse like the refreshing oasis along a hot desert trail.

Our mission

To design

To create

To share

Our story

The story began in United Arab Emirates. Our team was travelling in search of inspiration for something new to create and share with people. From the very first view over that magnificent land we all knew that it was that exact place where our project should take off. Every little moment of our journey took part in the creation of what now sparse creations is. The height of Dubai's architectural wonders showed us the strenght of human beings and the boundlessness of their possibilities. The magnificent view of the wonderful sunset over the pure water. The sand and the clear sky of the arabian desert inspired us to create something really simple but significant at the same time. We can't tell where the journey will end but we know where it started - in the moment that we believed.

Our team

Who are we?
Meet the team behind the dream.

Zurab Chkhitunidze is our chief developer. He loves to travel and explore the world. Perhaps this is where he gets all his inspiration.

Bernd Volkmer is the manager of us. He loves steaks, good wine and creating. What he does at work is a complete mystery to the rest of us.

Gianlcua Volkmer is our Italien. He loves french fries and american burger. He is the coder.

Sherzod Khaydarov

Sherzod Khaydarovour legal theorist and enthusiast. He is the 0,01% who actually read the terms and conditions before accepting them.


Pepper is our biggest source of creativity and our inspiration. She loves to eat, eat and eat...

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Cans of energy

  • Words can't describe what Top Irregular Words did for me. The team of sparse creations - true professionals, very motivated and dedicated.

    Michela Saulig, Italy
  • Great team, perfect customer support with attention to detail. Keep up the good work!

    Zoran Tamindzic, Germany

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Düsseldorfer Strasse 60
Bielefeld, D-33647

+49 170 2061589



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