Getränkewart & Bierwart


Project Description

Introducing Getränkewart - the all-in-one solution for managing beverage lists, tabs, drink bills, tally sheets, and team events. Designed with convenience in mind, this app streamlines expense tracking for teams of all sizes. Each team member enjoys a personalized experience, with real-time updates on their consumption and payments. Notifications keep everyone informed about upcoming events, while administrators have access to detailed overviews and analytics. Available in German, Getränkewart also offers the option of using a central tablet for those who prefer not to use personal apps, ensuring seamless integration for all team members.

For student fraternities, we offer a specialized version of Getränkewart - Bierwart. This version is tailored to the specific needs of student fraternities and offers additional features such as custom prices for different fraternity roles and custom tabs.

Project Details